Train-the-trainer workshops

Train-the-trainer workshops have been developed in collaboration with 360edge, for trainers who have the capacity to deliver training within their workplace.

Trainers will become registered trainers with the Matilda Centre, able to provide evidence-based training for AOD workers to improve their capacity to manage co-occurring mental disorders.

Where: Train-the-trainer workshops are currently only available online.

Who should attend: Training facilitators are required to have successfully completed tertiary training in a relevant field; have a comprehensive knowledge of comorbidity and/or experience working with people experiencing co-occurring mental and substance use disorders; be skilled in substance use and mental health interventions; possess sound training skills, and have the capacity to deliver workplace training.

Skills gained: Trainers will become registered trainers through the Matilda Centre, and subject to agreeing to Terms and Conditions, able to deliver the Guidelines skills-based training program. Participants of the Trainer workshop will receive a certificate of completion, which depending on their registration provider, may be used towards continuing professional development.

Pilot Train-the-Trainer program: If you took part in one of our Train-the-Trainer Workshops in 2021, you were part of our 'pilot' program and your licence has expired. You can renew it on a perpetual basis by paying a nominal renewal fee and agreeing to the renewal Train-the-Trainer Terms and Conditions (available here). Alternatively, you can contact us at and we will organise your renewal by sending you a link. Please note that you will not be able to keep training using the training materials unless you renew your licence.

Information about upcoming train-the-trainer workshops can be found through this page, or you can email us for more information at

For more information, please check out our frequently asked questions.

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