Treating ED

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ED are complex psychiatric illnesses that impair psychological, social and physical functioning. It has been argued that the treatment of comorbid ED and AOD use should be provided using an integrated approach to minimise the potential for deterioration in one disorder when symptoms of the other improve [873, 890]. Regardless of the eventual treatment plan, the assessment of ED should involve a multidisciplinary team of health and mental health workers, and include a thorough physical exam (with blood tests) to identify complications that may need immediate attention and/or hospitalisation [882, 883, 891]. There is limited evidence about the concurrent treatment of ED and AOD use disorders [892].

There are several treatment options available for the treatment of ED alone, including psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, e-health interventions, physical activity, as well as complementary and alternative therapies. The evidence base surrounding each of these treatments is discussed below, in regards to each ED.