Guideline aims

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These Guidelines aim to provide AOD workers with up-to-date, evidence-based information on the management of co-occurring mental health conditions in AOD treatment settings. They are based on the best available evidence and draw upon the experience and knowledge of clinicians, researchers, consumers, and carers. The intended outcome of the Guidelines is increased knowledge and awareness of co-occurring mental health conditions in AOD treatment settings, improved confidence and skills of AOD workers, and increased uptake of evidence-based care. By increasing the capacity of AOD workers to respond to co-occurring mental health conditions, it is anticipated that the outcomes for people with co-occurring mental health conditions will be improved.

These Guidelines are not a policy directive and are not intended to replace or take precedence over local policies and procedures. The Guidelines are not formal recommendations, but instead provide guidance for AOD workers when working with clients who have co-occurring mental health conditions. The Guidelines are not a substitute for training; rather, they should be used in conjunction with appropriate co-occurring AOD and mental health training and supervision. Workers should use their experience and expertise in applying recommendations into routine clinical practice.

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