Appendix G: Mental state examination

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Name__________________________________D.O.B.______________________ Date_________________


Physical appearance? (posture, grooming, clothing, signs of AOD use, nutritional status)





General behaviour? Behaviour to situation and to examiner? (Angry/hostile, uncooperative, withdrawn, inappropriate, fearful, hypervigilant)





Rate, volume, tone, quality and quantity of speech?




Language (form of thought)

Incoherence/illogical/irrelevant thinking? Amount? Rate?




Mood and affect

How does the client describe his/her emotional state (mood)? What do you observe about the person’s emotional state (affect)? Are these two consistent and appropriate?



Thought content

Delusions, suicidality, paranoia, homicidality, depressed/anxious thoughts?





Hallucinations? Depersonalisation? Derealisation?




Level of consciousness? Attention? Memory? Orientation? Abstract thoughts? Concentration?




Insight and judgement

Awareness? Decision making?




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