Treating psychotic spectrum disorders

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In general, if a person is well maintained on medication for his/her psychotic disorder, then management for AOD use should proceed as usual. Although AOD workers may feel daunted at the prospect of treating this often severe and complex clinical group, it is crucial to remember that treatment and care should reflect an individual’s needs and preferences, whilst taking into account the evidence base. People with comorbid psychotic spectrum and AOD use disorders should have the opportunity to participate and make informed choices about their treatment, in consultation and partnership with their health care providers [431]. The UK NICE Guidelines on the management of comorbid psychosis and AOD use recommend that, when planning treatment, workers take into account the severity of both disorders, the individual’s social and treatment context, and their readiness to change [431]. There are several treatment options available for the treatment of psychotic disorders, including psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and physical activity. The evidence base surrounding each of these treatments is discussed below.