E-health interventions

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Although research pertaining to the use of e-health interventions for psychosis is in the early stages, findings to date are promising. A review of internet and mobile-based interventions for psychosis concluded that they appear to be acceptable and feasible, and have the potential to improve clinical and social outcomes [542]. Specifically, the interventions reviewed showed promise in improving positive psychotic symptoms, hospital admissions, socialisation, social connectedness, depression, and medication adherence.

Interventions included web-based psychoeducation; web-based psychoeducation plus moderated forums for patients and supporters; integrated web-based therapy, social networking, and peer and expert moderation; web-based CBT; personalised advice based on clinical monitoring; and text messaging interventions. The authors note however, that the poor quality and early state of current research precludes any definite conclusions, and further trials are necessary. Further research examining the use of e-health interventions for co-occurring psychosis and AOD use is also needed.