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This technique builds on the benefits of breathing exercises by incorporating deliberate attention or awareness to the present moment. There are many types of meditation, though non-judgemental awareness, acceptance of the present moment, and detachment from thoughts and emotions are common components [1992].

The following 10-30 minute meditation exercise was adapted from Bourne [1992]:

  1. Start by focusing on your breathing, and expand your attention to include an awareness of your whole body. Focus on your arms and legs, along with your breath cycle. You can extend your attention to your hands and feet.
  2. Don’t judge yourself if your mind wanders. Each time you find yourself distracted, gently bring your attention back to your arms, legs, and breath cycle. With practice, your concentration should improve. Start by practicing for 10 minutes a day, working your way gradually up to 30 minutes.

A list of additional meditation exercises compiled by headspace is available from

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